Stretch film – 100% to 350 % stretching

We have a full range of quality of CAST stretch film, co-extruded in three layers up to seven layers (for high performance film), to serving all customers that use normal stretch wrapping machine to who use the automatic production line with high stretching wrapping machine.
Elongation from 100% to 300%


Thickness: Thickness from 12 my to 35 my.

55 layers stretch film – nano technology – cost effective – high resistance

This new generation of stretch film, is designed to improve the tearing resistance, with the possibility to reduce up to 50% the consumption of plastic and securing the cargo for the transportation with excellent stability to ensure its safety.


All starting from the raw material, Exxon mobil has a super resistance Metallocen base LLDPE, this excellent resin, provides high holding force at low film thickness, puncture resistance at high stretch ratios and high tear-propagation resistance at high stretch ratios.

This resin together with a new technology die head CAST extrusion, patented by company “CLOEREN”, permit to distribute from a “feed block” many different smal channels that divide the material in multiples layers!

This advantage giving to the stretch film incredible power at low thickness.

Normally a standard stretch film machine use, co-extruded in four layers in Cast film, for high performance, need a thickness of 23 my, with new nano stretch film can reduce the thickness to 12 my,

After PRE-stretching in a automatic machine, the film arrive at thickness of 6 my WITH INCREDIBLE FORCE RESISTANCE WITH LESS ROUND AROUND THE PALLET!

This influence a lot of the costs, the impact to the environment and safe a lot of damage goods during transportation!

There are special test we could do in our laboratory as acceleration and break, to compare the standard film and nano stretch film!

Machine use and hand use thickness, from 12 my to 35 my.

It can be used in any machine with high pre-stretching.


Thickness: Thickness from 12 my to 35 my.