Welcome to THE NEW PACK

Experienced in producing and trade packaging products.


Over sixty years of experience in producing and trade packaging products…

THE NEW PACK, is a dynamic and innovative company, experienced, in the production and sale of packaging products. For many years, we have been producing in Italy, than we move to Asia, where, the raw materials and production costs are much lower.

Our production lines, are imported from Europe (Italy and Germany), with sophisticated automatic quality controls. Many retailers are using their brand to sell our materials, aware of quality, low prices and good general services.

Our knowledge is not limited just to production, we are technical of production lines, raw materials, we know perfectly many packaging machines as (flow-pack, shrink tunnel, palletizing machines for stretch film, taping and banding machines … we are capable to satisfy the most complex needs of our customers.

Our products are used on the most important European machine brands as: Robopack, Siat, Atlas, Hugo Beck, Smipack, Minipack Torre, Italdibipack, Beck & Co., Ulma, Belca, Cavanna and so on…

The strength of THE NEW PACK, is the important technical knowledge in the field, transmitted for generations. We offer technical support and, always, give an answer to the questions of our customers, who are in the first place in our company.

To give a complete service to customers, we dedicated to finding any product necessary to meet all requests, and we organize shipments of mixed products everywhere in the world, in “groupage”, even for a single piece…

All our products follow the standard regulations for the sale and contact with food, in compliance with the latest regulations in force.

Here, on the side, you can write immediately, to one of ours technicians, able to help you for any clarification, question or inquiry.               Do not think twice to writing us!

(POF) Polyolefin shrink film and cross link film

Our new technology cross link film is different than a standard cross link film, is  a innovative product.   Read more

Stretch film

Is a plastic film co-extruded in cast process by LLDPE resin, used to secure, bundle, and stabilize products on the pallets.  Read more

Nano technology stretch film

(33 layers)

This new generation of stretch film, is designed to improve the tearing resistance, with the possibility to reduce up to Read more

BOPP film

Is a polypropylene film extruded and stretched in both machine direction and across machine direction. Read more

CPP film

Is polypropylene film in CAST extrusion, extruded and stretched in one direction “winding direction”.  Read more

PET film

Is a polyester film in CAST extrusion, made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Read more