Eco friendly

Some our plastics products can dissolve completely in soil, water and under UV light, leaving no micro plastics behind.

The New Pack provides packaging solutions in Europe and in addition offers a solution for a quick disposal of plastic waste. With the use of a new additive in plastic production, the plastics are able to degrade in short time period.

The plastic, if discarded in the environment, will degrade to oxygenated low molecular weight chains within 2 to 18 months, depending on the material (resin, thickness, anti-oxidants, etc.), temperature and other factors in the environment.

Even though these plastic products are degradable and eco friendly they will keep the same strength and other characteristics as ordinary plastics during their intended lifetime. (This products are also certify SASO)

We also offer a variety products with OXO degradable additive, the only problem of OXO is that is not really environmentally friendly due that leaves micro plastics behind, and is exclusively recommended to be use only for products that ave to be exported to the Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia law:

In accordance with Notices issued by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization), it is a mandatory requirement that all plastic products and/or plastic packaging are to be made using approved oxo-degradable, whether they are made in Saudi Arabia or exported to that country.

At The New Pack, we try to follow all directions to improve our environmental situation in the world, and we provide packaging products with minimum 30% of post consumer recycled material made from plastic waste derived from landfill and sea. The packaging films we offer are stretch film,PE shrink film also POF shrink film, pallets cover sheets, agricolture film. Thickness from 10 my.

This film do not have any bad smell.

We have our family own factory in Slovenia “DI MUCCI d.o.o.” that in years of research and development and with our high tech prototype, we produce a variety type of shrinkable and not shrinkable compostable films made 100% from bio-compostable raw material.

Different than other bio-compostable films made from other factories or films are high transparency cristalline that is the best solution for to replace polyolefin shrink film plastic, where high transparency, strong sealing and high percentage of shrinkage is require!

Water soluble film:

We produce also shrinkable film high transparency water soluble, that can be use for to packing also liquids, and can keep barrier to oxygen and keeps aromas, is good solution for fatty or oily food packaging.

The New Pack Ltd. strength lies in the commitment of putting the customers first and being flexible in both service and product solution.

The warehouses are located in the south of the Netherlands (Heerlen), Spain (Madrid) and Slovenia (Ljubljana). in  this strategic position contributes to service all north, south, east and ovest Europe in a short time, in maximum one week.

The new pack ltd is a private family company with youthful spirit focused on the future.