Eco friendly

All our plastics products are degradable

The New Pack Ltd. provides packaging solutions in Europe and in addition offers a solution for a quick disposal of plastic waste. With the use of a new additive (oxo degradable) in plastic production, the plastics are able to degrade in approximately 18 months.

Oxo plastic, if discarded in the environment, will degrade to oxygenated low molecular weight chains within 2 to 18 months, depending on the material (resin, thickness, anti-oxidants, etc.), temperature and other factors in the environment.

Oxo plastic contain metal salts, these salts catalyze the degradation process to speed it up, so the Oxo plastic will degrade abiotically at the end of its useful life in the presence of oxygen, much faster than ordinary plastic.

At the end of that process it is no longer visible as it has been converted via Carboxylation or Hydroxylation to organic powder which will degrade by bacterials absorption.

Even though these plastic products are degradable and eco friendly they will keep the same strength and other characteristics as ordinary plastics during their intended lifetime.

Saudi Arabia law

In accordance with Notices issued by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation), it is a mandatory requirement that all plastic products and/or plastic packaging are to be made using approved oxo-degradable, whether they are made in Saudi Arabia or exported to that country.

The New Pack Ltd. strength lies in the commitment of putting the customers first and being flexible in both service and product solution.

The warehouse and sales offices are located in the south of the Netherlands, this strategic position contributes to service all north and central Europe in a short time, and the rest of Europe in maximum one week.

The new pack ltd is a private family company with youthful spirit focused on the future.