Paper and boxes

We supply any type of box and Kraft paper:

  • Classic American box FEFCO 0201 or RSC
  • Cardboard box or palletizable box (triple wave)
  • Punched for self-assembling boxes
  • Customized cardboard boxes
  • Kraft paper in different grams, in rolls, double and triple sheet rolls for “PAD Machines” like Ranpack, Storopack etc.
  • Kraft paper sheets in any sizes.
  • PE coated sheets and boxes also for food
  • Stationary paper with over 3000 colors in different quality…

Kraft paper rolls

We have a wide range of Kraft paper rolls for packaging, we can cut any size and make custom prints.
We offer mono, double and triple layer rolls for use in PAD cushioning machines such as Ranpack, Storopack etc …

Kraft paper sheets

We offer a wide range of paper craft sheets, of any size, and weight, for different applications, for packaging, stationery and catering, also possible with custom printing.

Kraft paper boxes, also coated for food

Professionals in creating boxes of different shapes, with personalized prints and hermetic closures also for direct contact with food.

PE coated paper

Polythene paper is used for many sectors, mainly for the food.

We supply supermarkets sheets for wrap meats and cold cuts, rolls for sugar packaging and fast food restaurants, all can be printed.

Corrugate carton box

We offer a wide range of cardboard boxes in different sizes, qualities and weights, depending on the customer’s needs. Our boxes are robust and reliable for every type of transport.

Send us your specifications for to offer the best solution.

Print boxes

All the cardboard boxes, can be printed in different colors, on a white or brown background, avoiding labels and saving time on the production line.

Premium quality stationary paper almost 3000 colors

With modern paper producer can customize paper with opportunities for small tonnages from one ton.
Can custom make all kinds of paper and colors exactly as you want it.

With the usage of only cellulose from areas where new trees are planted after logging. Cellulose is the basic ingredient for paper. Other additives that occur in the paper recipe are broke (discarded paper from our own mill), chalk, clay and glue (mostly potato starch).

In the pulper, first will add water to obtain a good stock, and then colouring agents. The colour is checked to ensure that it’s exactly the same as the recipe. The pulp is then sprayed in liquid form onto the wire of one of the five paper machines, to form a mat.

After this, the paper may undergo a number of surface treatments, such as calendaring to make the paper smoother, for example. Or it may be embossed to produce one of many surface textures such as linen, leather, ostrich, stream, picot or hammered. Following this, the rolls are cut to the desired width.