Adhesive tape

BOPP acrylic tape low noise

The BOPP adhesive tape is produced with water base (solvent-free) acrylic glue. The acrylic has a high resistance to UV rays and high temperature.

We can provide noise tape and low noise tape, both can be transparent, avana or other colors.

Can be printed in up to four colors.

Thickness 25 micron to 50 microns.

BOPP hot melt tape

Hot-Melt adhesive tapes are produced with hot melt technology, through a heat melting process to homogenise its various components. The adhesives used in our hot melt adhesive tapes are essentially made up of natural or synthetic resins, synthetic rubbers, mainly thermoplastics, and organic and inorganic additives.

APPLICATIONS: Hot melt adhesive tapes feature high adhesive capacities. Ideal for application in all circumstances (except extreme temperatures).No solvents are used during the production process.

Range includes masking tapes for mainly indoor use, packaging tapes, duct tapes, double sided tapes.

Double side tape (BOPP-PE-Cotton-TNT)

Double-sided tapes can be easily used to avoid drilling holes in your wall. Instead of damaging the wall and causing dirt, you can just use a double-sided adhesive tape to securely mount your objects. It can also be applied to the backside of objects and are thus invisible. It is suitable for decorative items or when putting up picture frames.

PET strap