Plastic films

LLDPE stretch film

We have a full range of quality of Cast extrusion and Blow extrusion stretch film, co-extruded in three layers up to seven layers (for high performance film), to serving all customers that use normal stretch wrapping machine to who use the automatic production line with high stretching wrapping machine.

Elongation from 100% to 350%.

Thickness: from 12 micron to 35 micron

Available also in slippery/outside cling/outside slippery versions.

All product compliant with the current EC directives (EU 2014/14 of 29/04/2014) regarding the safety of goods during transport.

33 and 55 layers stretch film, nano technology

This new generation of stretch film, is designed to improve the tearing resistance, with the possibility to reduce up to 50% the consumption of plastic and securing the cargo for the transportation with excellent stability to ensure its safety.

What is different?

All starting from the raw material, Exxon mobil has a super resistance Metallocen base LLDPE, this excellent resin, provides high holding force at low film thickness, puncture resistance at high stretch ratios and high tear-propagation resistance at high stretch ratios. This resin together with a new technology die head Cast extrusion, patented by company “Cloeren”, permit to distribute from a “feed block” many different smal channels that divide the material in multiples layers! This advantage giving to the stretch film incredible power at low thickness.

Normally a standard stretch film machine use, co-extruded in four layers in Cast film, for high performance, need a thickness of 23 my, with new nano stretch film can reduce the thickness to 12 my,

After PRE-stretching in a automatic machine, the film arrive at thickness of 6 my with

incredible resistance with less round around the pallet.

This influence a lot of the costs, the impact to the environment and safe a lot of damage goods during transportation!

There are special test we could do in our laboratory as acceleration and break, to compare the standard film and nano stretch film! Machine use and hand use thickness, from 12 my to 35 my.

It can be used in any machine with high pre-stretching.

  Thickness from 12 my to 35 my.

All product compliant with the current EC directives (EU 2014/14 of 29/04/2014) regarding the safety of goods during transport.

Stretch film macro perforated, for flowers, vegetables, fruits …

Ideal for palletising products which need ventilation as flowers, grass, fruits and vegetable,  beer, canned foods, food of animal origin and pharmaceuticals. Perforated stretch film allows better cooling, quicker freezing,  avoids overheating of goods and prevent, condensation, grown of mould and bacterials.

It is as applied as regular stretch film, with good stability of load. Available for machine use and hand use.

Thickness from 15 micron to 40 micron

BOPP bi-oriented polypropylene film, also mat, pearls and metabolized.

One-sided and two-sided heat saleable BOPP film,
designed for high-speed machines “Flow Pack”, outstanding optical properties with wide sealing range. This film can be tailored for single-sided heat saleable or double-sided heat saleable for food packaging or non food packing and plain for flower industry.

Could be: “Mat, pearled, and metallized”

       Thickness: from 15 micron to 60 micron.

BOPET Bi-oriented polyester film

It is a clear, flexible, transparent or translucent material produced from PET polymer, a linear, thermoplastic polyester resin. PET film is a high-performance film with superior mechanical properties, improved resistance to chemicals. Has a good barrier against oxygen, stability at elevated temperatures, Good optical clarity excellent surface treatment & primer coatings, excellent surface smoothness and resistance to abrasion.

Thickness from 8 micron to 45 micron

Can be plain, corona treated, matt, heat sealable, metallizable, enviroment friendly, clear, and extra clear.


  • Printing & Lamination
  • Metallizing
  • Industrial Coating
  • Thermal Lamination
  • Encapsulation
  • Hot Stamping
  • Cable Wrapping
  • Metallic Yarn
  • Electrical & Thermal Insulation
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • Heat sealable films
  • Lidding (Dairy products)
  • Release Film
  • Retort Applications
  • Silicon Coating
  • Extra clear film for Embossing & Holograms and many more

BOPA Bi-oriented nylon film

Biaxially oriented nylon film (BOPA), has excellent characteristics, can be used for a variety of high-grade packaging. BOPA has a very high tensile strength, anti-puncture strength, excellent flexibility, resistance, resistance, high gas and aroma barrier properties, good transparency and gloss, excellent printability, a broad The operating temperature range. Therefore, BOPA film is especially suitable for the packaging of perishable foods, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, agricultural products and aquatic products packaging, medical supplies, electronic products packaging.

Thickness: 12 micron, 15 micron, 20 micron, 25 micron.

CPP Cast polypropylene film

CPP films is transparent cast polypropylene films designed to offer high performance, great appearance and easy covering for flexible packaging and other applications.

Is a high impact strength and transparent film with the following characteristics: Moderate elasticity, good heat sealability, improved low temperature sealing.

Thickness: from 20 micron to 45 micron.

PET Polyester film, also for food application.

PET polyester film, has outstanding dimensional and thermal stability, excellent tensile strength, good barrier and electric insulation properties. It is widely used as a substrate of lamination for flexible package, electric insulation component in electric industries.

PET film it used for food and industrial packaging application, its specialized properties, such as heat resistance, strength and barrier protection; These features distinguish this film in order to make it uniquely suited for the fast-growing flexible packaging market.

Print films and bags

With over 40 years experience in supplying flexible packaging solutions for confectionery and snack foods, we provide a variety range of flexible packaging in both small and large quantities, with roto-gravure or flexo printing from one up to 10 colors, cold or heat sealing.

We can print all kind of bags, for food and not food, POF shrink film, PE shrink film,  BOPP film, CPP film, stretch film, adhesive tape, papers in sheets and carton boxes.

We assure high quality!

Hot perforation film for bakery industry.

All our range of products can be hot microperforated.

With the usage of fast equipment, we can make several sizes of microperforations holes and several distance between holes.

The microperforated film, it is not a easy film to be use in shrinking machine, the perforation let the aria disapear quickly between the product and the plastic films, we can help to fix this problem to who would like to try this really good film for the backery industry, as bread, brioches and cakes.

Food wrap PVC stretch film

It is used to pack a wide range of food products. Perfect for manual packing (cutters, heated tables) and machine packing.

This film is characterised by high transparency and gloss, which further increase its aesthetic values.

Is entirely safe and free from any substances which might absorbet by the wrapped product.

PVC is odourless and tasteless, and leaves no trace on the natural taste and smell of food. It preserves physical and organic properties of the wrapped product and extends its shelf life.

Application: baked products, sweets, fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh meat, poultry, fish, charcuterie, cheese, fried and roasted food, sandwiches, dried and frozen food.

Thickness from 8 micron to 16 micron

EVOH barrier Film


Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer or EVOH is a flexible, crystal clear, and glossy thermoplastic copolymer with excellent flex-crack resistance, and very high resistance to hydrocarbons, oils and organic solvents. It also has some of the best barrier properties to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide making it especially suited for packaging of food, drugs, cosmetics, and other perishable or delicate products to extend shelf life. In comparison with many other common films, EVOH has superior barrier properties. However, EVOH loses its good gas barrier properties when exposed to moisture. For this reason and to optimize both cost and performance, it is frequently used in multilayer, co-extruded films like HDPE, PP, and PET, which have superior moisture barrier properties.


Atmosphere packaging where a certain atmosphere is needed inside the package to improve the shelf life of food products, or in other words, this film is used for fresh produce when minimal permeability is needed. EVOH layers offer very high resistance to hydrocarbon fuels, oil and many organic solvents. This makes this material ideal for applications involving chemicals, such as plastic fuel tanks, chemical packaging and protective clothing. Other applications include pipes, hydrogen fuel cells, medical and pharmaceutical packaging, and agricultural films.

Thermoforming PA/PE barrier film, food & medical application

Multi-layer Forming Films is one of the range of flexible thermoforming films and is distinguished by its excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. Made of technologically advanced resins for especially thin forming films. The forming films enable thicker corners and less thermal memory. Multi-layer forming film also features enhanced post-thermoforming shrink properties and impact strength. These forming films have a highly glossy appearance, and superior aroma, flavor and UV protection.

Multiform is available with Easy Peel properties and a wide range of thicknesses suitable for various drawing depths. These forming films ensure optimal performance with all brands and types of automatic thermoforming machines.

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding forming properties, Enables deep draw with thinner forming films
  • Wide range of oxygen transmission rates, including medium and high barrier flexible films
  • Optimal shelf-life for a variety of meat packaging, cheese packaging, poultry packaging, case ready packaging and other food packaging
  • Excellent contact clarity for these forming films
  • Premium product presentation
  • High impact and puncture resistance
  • Less leakers when packing rigid and/or sharp-edged products
  • Retains strength at freezing temperatures
  • Package integrity preserved.

Thermoforming PA/EVOH/PE barrier film, for fresh meet and sausages.

It is an eleven layer co-extruded film. It can differ widely, depending on their customer’s end-use application. For example, certain items require specialty films, which is particularly the case in the meat and cheese categories. We can produce a variety of high-end films for customers who require barrier protection for their products to extend shelf-life, or who simply need a strong, durable film.

Forming and non-forming films, as well as a number of vertical form, fill and seal films (VFFS) that are designed to meet our customer’s highest standards.

Our high barrier thermoforming film benefits are included

  • Thermoforming barrier films for packing fresh,  frozen, smoked & processed meat
  • Provides high clarity & glossiness
  • Enhances shelf life
  • Preserves good aroma
  • Available in EVOH option to increase shelf life