POF Polyolefin shrink film and cross linked film.

With our Chinese production of polyolefin shrink film sold and well tested on the largest producer of shrink packaging tunnel machines such as: “Hugo Beck, Smipack, Minipack Torre, Beck & Co., Kallfass, BVM, Ulma, Belca, Italdibipack …
We produce the film for large retailers in the world, in many cases they need low quality to fight against their competitors in the market…
We are able to offer high quality films, with the use of the most important raw material brand such as LLDPE (Dow Chemical) and PP (Basell), the highest quality of additives made by A. Schulman.
There are many quality differences between our production film and distributors film, such as better clarity, better shrink performance at lower temperatures, better welding (without wires or fumes), better machinability, and more softness, to avoid (big ears) on corners …
Often you can find on the market dark film, like a dust on the surface, this is are one of the problems for to use low quality raw materials and additives…

We have more than 30 years of experience in the production of this film, our machines are fully automatic with five and seven layers, a new technology with seven layers made in Italy).

Our prices are really competitive, avoiding the middleman, and we can solve all your problems on the packing machine, we can fulfill any of your requirements, retailers are not able to do it.

We have all certificates for food contact, in accordance with the regulations APPENDIX I – 10/2011 always update: EUROFINS – REACH & ROHS – MSDS – ISO9001: 2008 – SGS – FDA.

Our full range of shrink films are available in single, cold-perforated, hot-perforated, folded or flat versions and can be printed in up to eight colors.

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POF Polyolefin shrink film

Polyolefin shrink film, five layers co-extrusion of Polypropylene (PP) and Linea low density (LLDPE) is a biaxial oriented heat shrinkable film, high transparent, good tensile strength, well sealing with no fume or wire, it’s a cost effective film that works easily in almost all packaging machines. It’s suitable to be used in chamber, semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machine.

Thickness & Width

Thickness: 8,5 micron, 10 micron, 12 micron, 15 micron, 19 micron, 25 micron.

Width: from 100 mm to 2500 mm (flat), folding till 1200 mm

Multi layers cross link shrink film (nano technology)

New technology multi layers cross link shrink film.
Our new technology cross link film is different than a standard cross link film, is innovative product designed to improve the technicals characteristics, to have high tensile strength resistance, with lower thickness, to save costs and less impact on the environment. The percentage of the shrinkage in both sides it is higher than a standard cross link. Is designed to improve:

  • Puncture Resistance

The multi layer cross linking technology, with the usage of high quality polymers, increase puncture resistance in thinner film and keeping same strength of a thicker one.

The primary benefit of the thinner film is being cost. Thinner film are much more clear, improve sealing time, and shrinking faster.

  • Seal Strength

The most sensitive point in the package is the seal line, compare to a standard cross link film the sealing line of the new technology cross link film is much stronger, reducing damage packages and ensure the perfect coverage of product.

  • Less Residue on the sealing bar.

The new technology cross link film, avoid residue on the sealing bar or blade, in a fully automatic machine, that making thousand of seals daily, helps to reducing sealing time and the amount of replacement of the sealing bar.

  • Clarity
With the irradiation, the new technology cross link film, clean the migration of the additives, that in many case appear as “haze” to the standard film.
  • More meters in the roll

With the irradiation, the new technology cross link film, clean the migration of the additives, that in many case appear as “haze” to the standard film. More meters in the roll.

The new technology giving the opportunity to reduce a lot the thickness of the film, a standard 15 micron is 1335 meter long normally, cross link film with highest technical characteristics on the thickness 13 micron, has 1480 meter on the rolls; a 19 micron standard film has 1067 meter normally, cross link film 17 micron, with highest technical characteristics has 1192 meters in the rolls.

This means that you could make approximately 11% more package than a standard film and saving time and cost to replacing rolls.

  • Eco friendly

It is clear that, less thickness means also less material on our planet, means that the weigh and output of plastic are less than a standard thickness film, and also, not less important is that you could REDUCE COST of the environmental contribution, that every state in Europe charge the user of plastic packaging film based to the consumption in weight.

  • Application:

The irradiation sterilize the film and it is ideal to be use in direct contact with food.

Suitable for product with sharp edges, round product as pizza, heavy products, lightweight products.

Designed for high speed machines.

We have all certificate for food contact, according to regulation ANNEX I – 10/2011 always update: EUROFINS – REACH & ROHS – MSDS – ISO9001: 2008 – SGS – FDA.

Thickness & Width

Thickness: 9 micron (must hot slip), 11 micron (can be hot slip),  13,5 micron (can be hot slip), 17 micron (can be hot slip),

Width: from 100 mm to 3000 mm (flat), folding till 1500 mm

Cross link shrink film – anti-fog

It is used for vegetables and refrigerated food, it is resistant to water condensation, it is also a cross link film, with the same technical characteristics.

Thickness & Width

Thickness: 11 micron, 15 micron.

Width: from 100 mm to 3000 mm (flat), folding till 1500 mm

ECOPOF polyolefin shrink film – compostable in less than three years

This innovative film structure, co-extruded at five layers with the usage of high tensile strength and puncture resistance raw material, have the nearest characteristics of cross link film, studied to lower the thickness, to have less impact to the environmental and ecology with out using any nuclear irradiation!

The advantage of using this high quality shrink film is to have a thinner film, 9 micron, 11 micron, 13,5 micron, 17 micron, 22 micron, with more meters on the rolls (the user can save time and make more packages with one roll).

Thickness & Width

Thickness: 9 micron must be hot slip, length of the roll 2220 m.

Thickness: 11 micron, can be hot slip, length 1816 m.

Thickness: 13,5 micron, can be hot slip, length 1480 m.

Thickness: 17 micron, can be hot slip, length 1192 m.

Thickness: 22 micron, can be hot slip, length 910 m.

* If single wound the meters will be double.

Width: from 100 mm to 3000 mm (flat), folding till 1500 mm